Refense: The Next Stage of Law Enforcement Training

J&F Alliance Group is a proud US partner of Refense and your local representative of the Refense Virtual Reality Training System. In a close partnership between Refense and J&F Alliance Group, the system is being upgraded to meet the requirements of US government agencies. Therefore J&F Alliance Group’s comprehensive expertise is being incorporated into the capabilities of the Refense system to unlock the full potential of this training solution for US operators.

The Refense VR Training Solution is a modular system that is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of each organization. This allows users to train for the specific types of high-risk situations that they are likely to encounter.

Refense has been used by numerous law enforcement agencies and emergency responders around the world and has been shown to effectively improve decision-making skills, situational awareness, and tactical proficiency.

The Refense system is ready for training at J&F Alliance Group’s facility in Williamsburg, VA. If you are a law enforcement officer, military member, or security professional who is looking for a way to improve your skills in responding to high-risk situations, then Refense is the best training system to use.

To learn more about the Refense VR training platform, visit their website at:

Please contact us here if you would like to schedule training with the Refense system at our Williamsburg facility.
For more information, download here the brochure and the one-page capabilities statement

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